Race Day Requisites

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Runner Responsibilities


The Race Director and the Volunteers do everything they can to make the race go smoothly and safely, but we need YOU to be an active part of this awesome race experience. Click HERE to find out what you can do to keep BRB awesome!

Doggie Pals


There's a reason why BRB is one of just a handful of races that still allows dogs - our doggie owners follow the rules! Dog owners, click HERE to find out what you should do to keep this tradition viable!



With the exception of the trail, the most exciting part of trail racing is the post-race spread! Click HERE to find out what you get to munch on post-race!

Merch to Purch


Bring home more than just your wonderful memories! Click HERE to find out what BRB schtuff you'll be able to buy on race day!



What else do you need to know? Click HERE for random questions others have asked over the years. 


runner responsibilities



You are responsible for getting parked and to the race check-in by 830a.m. at the latest. Check-in volunteers have other duties to attend to right away!


Sure, maybe we're a little old school, but this race is NOT CHIP TIMED. We use old fashioned bibs with tear off tags to keep track of our runners and to generate our finisher's lists.  Do not cover your bib number with a jacket and DO NOT PIN THE TEAR OFF TAG TO YOUR CLOTHING. 


We keep careful track of our runners - don't want to lose anyone! Therefore, we REQUIRE  our half marathon runners to check in at these three aid stations. Make sure your number is visible and that the volunteer writes your number down. There will be no check-ins at Aid Station 1.

Not running??? TELL SOMEONE!!

If you decide, any time after receiving your race number, that you no longer wish to run/continue to run, it is IMPERATIVE that you inform the Race Director or other adult volunteer IMMEDIATELY.  We spend inordinate amounts of time and suffer loads and loads of unnecessary stress looking for runners that simply didn't show, decided to go home, or walked off the course without telling anyone. We've been moments away from sending out rescue teams for folks that just didn't feel like running at the last minute.



EVERYONE on the trail deserves kindness, courtesy, and encouragement. The trail is no place for shaming, PERIOD.  When/if you need to pass someone, try to wait for a decent spot in the trail that will allow you both to continue running without having to shove someone off and say "Passing on your left/right" and THEN say "Keep up the good work!"

Be nice to and thank ALL VOLUNTEERS

Every year, Buck Ridge Burn has the most incredible team of volunteers. A nicer group of folk you'd be hard pressed to find!  Give the volunteers hi-fives, smiles, and THANK them for being there for you. Above ALL, do not harass them or give them grief for following through on rules the Race Director made. If you need to holler at anyone, come holler at ME!


We mark the CRAP out of this course - if you're paying attention you won't get lost. BUT IF YOU DO find yourself on a trail with no markings, STOP and go back to the last place you saw flags. Race Day is not the time to explore alternate routes!


There are HARD cutoffs at Aid Stations 2, 3, & 4, meaning you WILL be stopped from continuing if you do not make it in time.  You can find the cut-off times HERE.  

Hug your friendly Race Director!

Hey listen, I'm just some wacky stay-at-home mama planning a trail race in the precious moments when I am not called to my dozen other primary jobs. I can promise you that I have tried my best to think of EVERYTHING  that will keep y'all happy and safe. I know I'll screw something up and when it makes you mad, come talk to ME about it. I will do my best to make it all better, like mamas do!

Doggie Pals

Buck Ridge Burn is one of very few races that allow you to run with your canine buddies. We love seeing your doggie pals, but in order to keep this privilege, our doggie owners must be aware of and closely follow these rules & guidelines:

  • Both Pine Grove Furnace State Park AND the Michaux State Forest Bureau of Forestry have LEASH LAWS.  It is imperative that you comply with this regulation, ESPECIALLY during the race.
  • It is important for doggie owners to understand that there WILL be people at the race and on the course who are AFRAID of dogs. Please be aware of how the other folk are responding to your furry baby and repectfully back off if they look uncomfortable.  
  • Please do not allow your pal to  interfere with the feet of any other runner. Make sure you allow  enough space between your doggie and the others on the trail.
  • Do not allow your dogs to get close to the aid station food or the post-race food.
  • Oh gosh, and under NO circumstances should you allow your pet to do their doggie "business" in the middle of trail. If they do it before you can stop it, REMOVE it from the trail. Ain't nobody wanna step in the doodie during a race (or at any time for that matter!)
  • And last, but no least, make sure you take home some of our uber-delicious doggie treats  generously provided by Abby's Doggone Good Gourmet Dog Cookies!!


post-race food wonderfulness


A Post-Race Spread That's Hard to Beat!

We trail runners seriously know how to eat!  We pride ourselves on our post-race spread, working hard every year to try to have something for everyone..meat-eaters, veg-heads, gluten-free folk...we want you to EAT and be HAPPY!  

Here is what we typically have available on race day for you to munch on...(this list is subject to change)...

Available to racers from 9:15a.m. -1:15p.m (or until gone):

Bagels, Cream cheese, Fruit (usually oranges & bananas), Rice Krispie Treats, Cookies (reg & gluten-free), PB&J supplies (not pre-made), Hummus, Crackers, Potato chips, Pretzels

CHICKPEA CASHEW STEW (gluten-free, vegan)

And as if that wasn't enough....Available from 10:30a.m. - 1:15p.m. (or until gone):

6 foot Subway sandwiches...

Typically available in

Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, Cheese & Veggie

Stuff to Drink

Coffee (decaf, regular), Assortment of teas, Hot Chocolate, Soda, Tailwind electrolyte replacement, Water 

Be as GREEN as you can!

Let's see how LITTLE trash we can generate!  Bring a water bottle to use post-race or make sure you write your name on your cup if you use one so you can RE-USE it!  The plastic cups are recyclable so make sure they go in the recycling bin.  We will likely also have a bin for COMPOST...scrape those plates before disposing of them!

Buck RIdge Burn Official Merchandise


BRB Hand-Etched Pint Glasses

A very limited quantity of these beautiful, hand-etched, rim-tempered pint glasses will be available for purchase at the race. 

Previous year pint glasses: $5 each. 

2019 glasses: $10 each.


Long-Sleeve Tech Shirts & Short-Sleeve SoftStyle Tees

Shortly after race start, previous year long-sleeve shirts and short-sleeve shirts will be available for purchase.

Long-sleeve tech: $10

Short-sleeve tee: $5


2019 Ltd. Edition Tri-blend Tee

There will be JUST A FEW of these beautiful shirts available for purchase at the race. The fabric is so soft, so comfy, and the original design created by Emily Zebel of Wilder Mile Creative,  incorporates our beloved trail shoes amidst our local flora. Show off your BRB love not only in the winter, but in the summer as well!

Ltd edition tees: $20

Cash and maybe credit...

We can of course accept cash for your merch purch, but are also working on having a credit card option available by race day. We will add 2.75% for credit purchases.

Frequently asked questions


Are dogs allowed at this race?

So far, YES! We have been graced with doggie owners who are responsible and follow the rules. If you want to bring your dog, please review THIS section above.

I know entry is closed, but can't you squeeze me in? Pretty please?

Sorry folks. No can do. The participant cap is already set above my permit allowance. There will be NO more entries once it fills.

I freaked up my knee and can't race...could I please get a refund, deferment, or transfer my bib?

As much as I can sympathize with your situation, the race registration platform is structured with no refunds, no transfers, no deferments, and no distance switching. 

Why, for the love of God, do you send the 5K runners out BEFORE the half marathoners? Seems dumb!

The two courses overlap for a distance of 1 mile. The Half folks have an extra mile to go before they reach this overlap. Therefore, with a 15min start lag and this extra mile, only the leaders of the Half will catch the tail end of the 5K folk (and don't worry, I KNOW the back of the pack folk are working HARD. I've certainly been there.) If the situation were reversed (the Half starting first and the 5K 15 mins later) the ENTIRE 5K field would land directly in the middle of the entire Half field.  No one would love that.

Is this race FOR something?

Yes. This race is for YOU! I've chosen not to make this race strictly non-profit so that I can create as wonderful  a race experience as I can for you. You deserve it!  I believe that people who take care of themselves and stay in touch with the natural world end up happier. Happiness spreads to everyone in your life. This is a great way to make the world a better place!

That being said, BRB DOES make a large donation to the Citizen's Fire Company No. 1 every year, and, through the generosity of our participants, we are able to give to the Friends of Pine Grove Furnace, the Bureau of Forestry, and to the beloved and desperately poor Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon.

Don't see your question here?

Hey friends, don't hesitate to contact me and ask your questions. I will do my best to give you a satisfactory answer in a reasonable amount of time (this "reasonable amount of time" increases the closer we get to race day, be warned).